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I’ve practicing yoga since 1994. 
Today, I am fortunate enough to share all that I’ve learned with you.
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About Me

I want the best for you, mind, body and soul. This is my purpose.

Coming into my 48th year, I am physically and mentally healthier and fitter than ever before. I realise that it all comes back to finding a balance between recharging rest, both mentally and physically, and focused, creative productivity to be proud of. You will find this reflected in my yoga style. 

Creating nutritious, plant-based, colourful, vitamin-packed soul-food is really important to me.  The Habit Reset can be added to your package if you want support addressing your diet. Creating recipes is a real hobby of mine. I get great pleasure from serving these dishes on The Love Day Reset and my Reset client gatherings.

I am passionate about learning and have graduated in BWRT® ‘Brain Working Recursive Therapy’, a life changing brain reprogramming system that really is changing my clients lives (take a look at my testimonials).

Service is close to my heart and I guide weekly yoga sessions on Zoom and the Recovery Lighthouse (drug and alcohol rehabilitation). These sessions bring a lightness and a smile to us all, and are a great pleasure and honour for me to host. I am often called upon as a guest therapist for retreats and corporate ‘Well-Being Weeks’ to bring back a little ‘ahhhhh’ and a fresh focused calm mind.

Waterfall Pose

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"



My love of life’s journey began with cross-county running for my county, and Ishynru karate, then a realisation that I could tune into bodies through massage and hear them speak to me through my hands, I knew this was gift. However, I was young and had a strong sense of competition and perfectionism. Life’s path delivered me to qualifying as a fitness instructor in 2001 moving into yoga, and subsequently teacher training in 2003. In the early days I would push my body for the perfect pose, the perfect stretch the perfect ‘workout’. Causing myself injuries in my quest for what yoga had become in the mainstream. 

Whilst recovering from said injuries it dawned on me that this was not yoga. I understood anatomy, from my massage training and knew that yoga was losing its’ integrity.  So I began to practice for strength, not stretch. I began to practice, with the intention of building the structure to hold and support my body, non-judgementally, whilst calming my mind,  I would from now on help people to practice yoga without injury, for the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. I would take yoga back to its’ ancient roots with my many years of experience and intuition running parallel. 

I welcome the curious, those that want to build strength and focus, those that need nurturing, those that need to overcome negative thoughts, those that need a routine, those that need to feel lightness, those that need to Reset, and those who desire to feel invigorated.

And so The Rodina Reset was born.

I want the best for you, mind, body and soul. This is my purpose.




What could you do if your body is strong, flexible and full of vitality?

What could you achieve if your mind is clear and focused? 

A body and mind without limits?

It is possible!

All classes are taught on Zoom practising in the comfort and privacy of your own home, no ego, no judgement.

Its just you, your body and mind, guided by a teacher who believes in a safe and holistic approach and supported by an awesome group of women, my QUEENS,  who quite frankly rock and are on their own unique journeys whilst 100% backing yours.  

Or consider a one to one session in a location that suits you? Zoom, your home? my studio? expenses on booking.

BWRT® can be conducted both online or in person. 
The Love Days are held at the beautiful Saltwater Studios in Worthing, West Sussex. Make a weekend of it? 

Press the book now button to book a free zoom or phone chat on all services.  Let me hear your concerns, goals, and get to know you.

Waterfall Pose


£150 per month

Total Reset @ £150 (£230 value pay as you go)
Monday 6:30am to 7:20am – Foundation&Strength  
Monday 7.30pm to 8.40pm – Surrender&Release with deep meditation and relaxation
Tuesday 6:30am to 7:20am Stability&Flexibility
Wednesday 6:30am to 7:20am – Surrender&Release 
Thursday 6:30am to 7:20am – Stability&Flexibility 
Friday 6:30am to 7:20am– Foundation&Strength 
PLUS ALL Full Moon Resets that month.(dates variable)
One stop yoga retreat in a month. A holistic approach to foster strength, flexibility and vitality combining yoga, strength training, and deep meditation. Each session can be a stand-alone class but are so much better together. Your body and mind will feel strong, vital and ready for anything. This is real yoga, taught at a pace and level to suit everyone. A regular commitment 5 days a week to 6 sessions supports your body and mind transformation. All classes are taught on Zoom so you can practise in the comfort and privacy of your own home, with no one to compete with or impress!

Iyengar Yoga

Zoom Drop in/monthly Classes/moon resets


Monday 6:30am to 7:20am – Foundation&Strength  
Monday 7.30pm to 8.50pm – Surrender&Release with deep meditation and relaxation
Tuesday 6:30am to 7:20am Stability&Flexibility
Wednesday 6:30am to 7:20am – Surrender&Release 
Thursday 6:30am to 7:20am – Stability&Flexibility 
Friday 6:30am to 7:20am– Foundation&Strength

Yoga at Home


Offered Daily

£65-60 mins
£85-90 mins

This specifically designed for you. Whatever you want to work on. I will devise a plan for you to use when we are not together to address any muscle imbalance I see. This can be done via Zoom or in person at your home or my studio. Travel to you is added to hourly fee.

Yoga Session

Taster Reset

Mon, Wed, Fri

Taster Reset @ £90 (£140 value pay as you go)
Monday 6:30am to 7:20am – Foundation&Strength  
Monday 7.30pm to 8.50pm – Surrender&Release with deep meditation and relaxation X2 per month
Wednesday 6:30am to 7:20am – Surrender&Release 
Friday 6:30am to 7:20am– Foundation&Strength
A mini version of the one stop yoga retreat. Great if you are integrating a committed yoga practice with other things or want to try a month of classes before booking the Total reset or you are loving individual classes but want to do more.  Combining all the essential elements of the Total Reset including strength training, Yoga and 2 sessions of deep meditation a month, giving you a real taste of a regular practice that fits round your busy schedule or other exercise routines. A commitment of 3 sessions a week.

Image by Toa Heftiba

BWRT® Therapy

Via appointment


The Love Day Reset

Selected dates only

All the magic in one day.



Hear What Others Have to Say

I was a little apprehensive starting yoga, but I can honestly say its one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s taught me so much – not just about my body but mind too. I have absolutely no doubt that my love of it is all down to having such an amazing teacher. Linzi shares her yoga knowledge perfectly and is a kind, thoughtful and inspiring teacher. Don’t think twice about starting yoga with Linzi – my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner’

Naomi - Yoga

Coming to Linzi’s Mediation sessions have become a real treat. Learning to ‘let go’ is not easy in this fast-paced world, but its the one thing we neglect, yet need more than anything materialistic. This type of relaxation has not only helped me emotionally but physically. I feel completely in control and strong for the week ahead. I would highly recommend this to anyone and I am looking forward to the next session’!

Lucy - Meditation

Thank you so much for yesterday. Your massage was such a wonderfully deep experience, a letting go and a coming into. Letting go of tensions and a coming back into my body and a back into NOW. At the end of the massage I felt clear and blissed out. You intuitively knew what I needed, there was healing in your touch. A very special birthday treat, from a very special woman. xxxx

Claire - Massage

Yoga Mat and Straps

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